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New!! Continuous tracking for the LX200GPS and NexStarGPS is now available!!

Meade LX200GPS
Starting with v2.4.1, continuous tracking for the Meade LX200GPS is available. AutoStar II firmware 1.5c or higher is required, however, firmware version 2.0e or higher is recommended as tracking is more accurate.

Meade LX200
Originally designed for the Meade LX200 telescope, Satellite Tracker is capable of driving the mount to provide smooth continuous tracking, great for videography! LX200 control features are also included.

Meade Autostar (Note: Autostar Users should upgrade to version 2.0.6c or higher to ensure compatibility with Meade's latest firmware)
Starting with version 2.0.4, Meade Autostar (494, 495 ,497) telescopes are supported. Autostar controlled telescopes are capable of "leap frog" tracking (via the RS232 interface) where the scope moves ahead of the satellite, pauses and allows the satellite to pass through the FOV, then moves ahead again, etc.

Satellite Tracker has another great feature for Autostar users. Before your evening of viewing, Satellite Tracker can be used to calculate a viewing plan of the best object passes at your location. It will then create your own custom TLE file which can be uploaded to Autostar using Meade's Autostar Upload program. Satellites will be listed on the Autostar in order of their appearance. In fact, you can add the arrival time in the Satellite name (eg. "ISS @ 21:02"). With these great features you can now easily track dozens of satellites in an evening! No more tedious entry of data or guessing when an object will appear. (Note: The latest firmware versions for the AutoStar should be used.)

Telescopes with LX200 Emulation
Telescopes with a LX200 emulation mode are supported starting with version 2.0.4. Losmandy-Gemini mounted telescopes have tested well with this release as well as Astro-Physics mounts.

Celestron CGE NexStarGPS NexStar 5i/8i
Continuous tracking for the NexStarGPS/5i/8i is available starting with v2.3.8d! (HC 1.6 and MC 4.1 are required) CGE support with v 2.4.5 or later.

Celestron Ultima 2000 and NexStarGPS (Earlier firmware versions)
Starting with version 2.2.1 support is added for Celestron NexStarGPS and Ultima 2000 telescopes. Only 'Leap Frog' tracking is available.

Celestron NexStar 5/8
Starting with version 2.3.8b support is added for Celestron NexStar 5/8 telescopes. Only 'Leap Frog' tracking is available. This interface should be considered beta. I would appreciate feedback for these scopes.

Celestron NexStar GT
Celestron NexStar GT telescopes can be used Satellite Tracker. Use the Celestron NexStarGPS setting. Please note the initial GT hand controllers had significant bugs that affected the RS232 interface. If you have an older hand controller you can get it upgraded at no cost by Celestron. Satellite Tracker will only function with the revised hand controller.

Comments, suggestions, bug reports and other software ideas are invited! E-mail: John Eccles