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Introducing myself
« on: April 21, 2014, 06:32:57 PM »
Let me introduce myself. My name is John Eccles. The original Satellite Tracker Software and Website contents have been sold to me, effective August 20, 2013 from the original developer, Brent Boshart. It is my intention to continue the development of this software. Let me first say that I commend the efforts of Brent Boshart for the development of Satellite Tracker. I have been very interested in this product since 2005 but never really had the opportunity to get involved with its development. Now that I am retired and see that this Software Product development had come to a standstill I saw an opportunity to take this product to the next level. Thank you Brent for providing me the opportunity to continue the development of this fine product.

I have just recently gotten back into the swing of things with the continued development of this software application. I currently have the following hardware available to me for supporting my development efforts:

1.  Meade LX-200 ACF 10 inch telescope complete with many options and additions.
2.  Nexstar 8SE 8 inch telescope with many additions and options.
3.  iOptron CubePRO mount with no Optical Tube Assembly (OTA) at the moment but could use the Orion Short Tube 80 if I had to.
4.  Lots of test equipment, computers, and development software

I find all this very interesting and hope to provide many enhancements to the Satellite Tracker application in the coming months and years.
Regards, John Eccles, Owner of Satellite Tracker Application, the Satellite Tracker Forum, and the Yahoo Groups called Satellite Tracker