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Buying and Selling Rules!
« on: April 21, 2014, 05:38:40 PM » will NEVER send any kind of "official" transaction notification to anyone registered on this forum. is a 3rd party that offers a forum for sellers and buyers to sell and buy equipment. All correspondence will ALWAYS be between the seller and the buyer. has NO participation in these transactions nor do we have any kind of " transaction account". We only provide the medium (our Buy and Sell section) for which the two parties can interact. If you receive any kind of correspondence that makes claims such as: " transaction Approved!", " purchase protection" or emails claiming to be the " Team"... you can be confident that these are frauds. Bottom line is to use common sense!
You are Dealing outside of and we are in no way Responsible for any Transactions that take place on the Buy and Sell Section of this Forum.
Regards, John Eccles, Owner of Satellite Tracker Application, the Satellite Tracker Forum, and the Yahoo Groups called Satellite Tracker