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Making Satellite Tracker Open Source
« on: August 29, 2019, 07:30:57 PM »
Update - October 8, 2019: With the failure of trying to pass on this project to the next developer via a sale or GoFundMe attempt I have decided to keep this going for a little while longer. For the time being I will continue support. I have temporarily disabled registrations for a short time (a week or so) while I gather some thoughts on all of this. I am going to be tied up for the next 2 or 3 months at which time I should be free to work on this project to some extent. I will keep you all posted.

Update - September 15, 2019: I have directed the GoFundMe people to issue a refund to all donors. This refund will be processed Monday (9/16) or Tuesday (9/17) and all donors should see their refunds in 3 to 7 business days. Thank you very much for the donations as it was greatly appreciated. I am still looking into other alternatives. Stay tuned.

Update - September 8, 2019: The GoFundMe doesn't look like it will be successful as there have been no new donations for the past 11 days and I have reached only 10% of the GoFundMe goal. I have sent out the notice to all 1500 users of this forum with this update. Basically, it looks like there is very little interest in this software based on the response of donations I received. I thank those who made donations and it was deeply appreciated. It looks like the remaining members feel that making a $20 donation is not worth doing so for whatever reason and are just content letting this application die out.

So, I guess I will just end the GoFundMe early and issue a refund to all those who donated and just end the forum, website and the Yahoo groups and call it a day. I thought I was doing a big favor by keeping this software package alive but it looks as though that is not the general feeling amongst the users who have signed up to the forum. It has been a pleasure keeping this application alive and thank all those who have shown an interest. I will be suspending the GoFundMe campaign and will be issuing a refund of the donations made by all donators. You will see a refund against the payment method you used in 3 to 7 business days. Thank you very much for the donations as it was greatly appreciated.

Original Message - August 29, 2019:
Recent health problems with my left eye (Diplopia) have resulted in me going this route of making Satellite Tracker Open Source. I am 71 years old.

It doesn't look like I can sell the Satellite Tracker project as I had really no takers. In order to keep the project alive I am willing to let it go Open Source if I can recover the money I have invested in it. So I have set up this GoFundMe account to receive donations from the Satellite Tracker members in hopes to raise the $7000 goal I have set. Once I reach the $7000 goal I will halt further contributions and will announce on the Satellite Tracker Forum,, that my goal has been met and will provide details as to where the source code is located. The source code will be for the application and the forum and the website. The domain name will become available via a transfer to whoever wishes to pick it up. However, that transfer will go to the person who I feel will manage the forum and website to the best interests of the project. I will provide a window of 60 days for all those who wish to inform me of their desire to receive the website domain name along with the current state of the forum and website.

A donation of $20 should be reasonable but you may donate any amount you wish. Here is the link to make the donation:

I am hoping that since I have provided this application free of charge in the past that those user's using it would donate to help fund this going to Open Source. I will give this about 3 months and, if by that time, I do not reach my goal then I will assume that this application is no longer popular enough and I will just discontinue servicing it - meaning that I will take down the website, forum, and yahoo groups and dissolve it entirely. I hate to see that happen but if the support is just not there then I see no alternative.

If the above happens, for those who donated I can return the money you donated if you want me to do that for you. I will send out another newsletter should I not reach my goal with instructions on how to receive a refund of your donation should you elect to want that.

The Satellite Tracker Team.
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