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IP Addresses
« on: March 27, 2019, 06:21:02 PM »
I have been noticing lately that the new member registrations are missing their IP Addresses. As part of the registration process I use the IP Addresses to weed out Spam registrations. If I receive a new member registration without an IP Address I will notify you that your registration is missing an IP Address and I will delete your registration since you would need to re-register anyway to reactivate the IP Address capture process in the event you decide to re-register using different means from your original registration.

Some of the reasons why this is happening are that you are registering with your iPhone or iPad or that your ISP is using IPv6 format instead of IPv4 format (in that case your can force your ISP to use IPv4 format - Thank you James Arft for researching this finding). Please register using a direct internet connection with IPv4 format with your ISP on your regular home computer - laptop or desktop.

VPN is another story. If you use a VPN your actual IP address is hidden and the IP address that I would see is the IP address of the VPN and the server that you have chosen to use. This makes it difficult for me to check to see if your IP address is registered in the spam database. Those users using a VPN to hide their actual IP address makes me suspect. Now the spammers have a very good way to escape detection and makes it hard for me to protect the forum. For the time being, if you are behind a VPN I will be unable to register you until I find a way around this problem. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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