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Satellite Tracker Version 2.6.1 Beta
« on: December 23, 2014, 10:15:21 PM »
Good day everyone. I am putting up a new version of Satellite Tracker called version 2.6.1 and is a beta version. This version should be exactly the same as version 2.5.1. The only difference is that this version, 2.6.1, has been compiled with the latest version of the PowerBASIC compiler and the source code was broken up into modules. This is still a free version too.

The name of the .exe file has been changed to SatMain.EXE and is being installed into a different directory than your version 2.5.1 - i.e. - now installed in C:\SatTrk . This is being done so it does not disturb what you have in your version 2.5.1 directory called SatTkr, unless, of course, you relocated to a different directory when you did the installation. The START MENU entry is now named Sat Tracker so as not to disturb your version 2.5.1 START Menu entry called Satellite Tracker (unless you called it a different name).

You may copy over all of your TLE batch files from your previous directory to the SatTrk directory (replacing the current ones that were installed) so you don't have to edit those files again with your username and password. All of the TLE data was updated just prior to generating the Setup261.exe file so they are fresh as of this evening.

The configuration file for version 2.6.1 is a different file name than the one in version 2.5.1. You can copy over your sat.ini file (configuration file) from your version 2.5.1 directory to the version 2.6.1 directory. Then delete the 2.6.1 directory (SatTrk directory if you used the default) filename called ConfigFile.ini. Then rename the sat.ini file to ConfigFile.ini. In this manner you will retain all of your setups including your location(s).

I do not have a test setup ready here yet since I am still setting up the lab. I hate to use you guys as testers so, please, only those people who wish to help me on this need install this version. I do not expect there will be any problems as I have tested everything I could with the exception of actually hooking up the telescope.

Once I am confident that this version 2.6.1 is working properly, based on reports from those users who decided to make the installation and test it with their telescope, I will then publish a list of things that I will incorporate into the application next and set a priority for each item. I will then publish the list and I will seek comments should anyone wish to change the priority of the items. I will provide more details once I get to that point.

Thank you all for being patient with me with regard to the progress of development. The compiler issues that I had really caused me a lot of grief but, after a lot of toil, I was able to win and get it working.

I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday.

Update - Jan 13, 2015 3:30 PM: I have suspended the download of this Beta version since there is a problem with the tracks in the ISS Monitor window.
Update - Jan 13, 2015 5:11 PM: Suspension lifted. No one has reported the problem I have seen and since it is very hard to duplicate I would ask you all to please be on the lookout for the problem I saw as described in the Bug Section of this forum for this version. (There were 51 prior downloads before the suspension of downloads).
Update - July 27, 2017 6:50 PM (EDT): When you download the file one must rename the extent from .e__ (that is dot e underscore underscore) to .exe since .exe files are hard and sometimes not permitted to be downloaded as captured by anti-virus programs.
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