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Registration Requirements
« on: April 21, 2014, 01:37:06 PM »
May 28, 2015 update: I am hoping for those who are registering have a genuine interest in the Satellite Tracker application and actually have astronomy equipment. I am finding that some of the join requests are from the result of a spill over from the PowerBASIC forum thread I started recently. Please, if you are one of these people please do not join this forum if you have no interest in this application but are simply joining to gain access to this forum for reasons other than genuine interest in this application.

April 25, 2016 update: Also, please note that I will not click on any links in your responding email that asks me to fill out a short form to be approved beforehand for spam control. If you want to join Satellite Tracker then you should put me on your list as already approved and not require me to do anything of that sort.

It seems that the forums are a sitting duck for Bots and Spammers. This is the world we live in these days. In order to keep the forum free of these sort of things the following shall be required to register (no exceptions). Please do not register if you cannot agree to these requirements!

1.  Use your Real First and Last name separated by a space character and capitalize the first letter of each word. (I have since learned that the registration entry form has only one entry for the username. On my panel, as administrator, I have two entries available - username and real name. So go ahead and enter a username that you like (Do not use an email address as a username) and then when I receive the notification of a new user I will send you an email requesting your first and last name. This will show up on the status whenever you are online).
2.  Use a password containing at least 8 characters consisting of letters, numbers, and one special character such as: # $ % & * only and no others.
3.  Enter the Captcha information for verification that your are a real person (although the spammers and bots are getting more sophisticated).
3.  Upon selection of your Username and Password and performing the verification process, an email will be sent to me for approval.

Please note: Even if you decide to use your first and last name on the initial registration I will still need an email from you to confirm your first and last name. That return email you send to me actually is confirming that you have registered and serves to complete the cycle. Believe it or not, I have had a registrant use a first and last name, did not turn up on the spammer list, waited 14 days for a return email which was never received, rechecked their information and, low and behold, they turned up on the spammer list. A new spammer has joined our society!

My approval process will do the following:

1.  Check your email address against a website that logs known Spammers and Bots. If I find your email address on the list you will be deleted immediately! Please do not register with a disposable email address. This type of email address is not permitted and your registration will not complete.
2.  Check your IP address against a website that logs known Spammers and Bots. If I find your IP address on the list you will be deleted immediately!
3.  Verify that the email address you registered with is the same email address I received from you with your first and last name - yes, I have received emails from individuals whose email address I received with their first and last name was different than the email address used to register. One reason this happened is that their email gets redirected and others elected not to continue the registration process when I asked them to straighten out the email address differences. This is a very simple request - please be sure the email addresses are consistent.
4.  Verify that your first and last name follows the format requirement specified above.

If the format is incorrect in items 3 or 4, immediately above, then I will email you and ask that you read these instructions (please disregard this if you have already done this). I will then ask you to make the necessary corrections in that registration email to you. Once I receive that information I will update your profile and make the approval if all is in order.

If you registered and I send you the email for your first and last name and I do not receive the information back within 7 days I will delete your registration. You will receive a rejection email that is automatically generated by this forum software.  I am implementing this in order to reduce the number of registrants on my list who have not responded. Approximately 50% of the registrants do not respond. In most cases these are just spammers that are too new to be on the list. If this happens to you and you have not responded for some unforeseen circumstances then by all means please feel free to re-register but the registration rules still apply again and I apologize for the inconvenience. As of July 1, 2014 I have had 422 members join up and only 185 members were legitimate and the rest (237) were spammers. I also have had two disgruntled registrants who were angry because their username just happened to be on the spam list although I believe that was a coincidence and I asked them to change their username and I caught holy h... with them on their return emails. Those two people should realize that I am doing all the hard work and they are just doing a registration and then taking free software. So come on and have some patience and bear with the reality of the day! For the rest of you that have endured the registration process I thank you for your patience and understanding.

Right now approximately 60% of the new registrants are spammers. I have no idea why they are so interested in this Forum. They are going through a lot of trouble trying to register here. Only god knows what they are up to. I wish they would direct their energies to more productive things in our society rather than trying to disrupt Forums. Just on one day alone I had 9 spammers in a row and no real registrants trying to join this forum. That is how bad it has gotten.

I am really sorry that I have to put the new users through this process. However, it is the only way that I can ensure, to some extent, that the registrant is a real person whose interests is genuine for the purpose of this forum.  More and more forums are requiring the users of their forums to use their real first and last name in an effort to make the forums more friendly and professional.

Please check your Spam folder as I have been hearing that emails coming out of this new forum have been tagged as spam. Being tagged as spam from a new site does happen sometimes and will be untagged as spam once the forum messaging frequency has been established.
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