Author Topic: Skywatcher Allview altaz mount support  (Read 86 times)

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Skywatcher Allview altaz mount support
« on: February 07, 2018, 06:17:56 AM »
Hi everyone,

Just joined the group and looking forward finding some answers to my question :)
I have been imaging the International Space station for a few years now. As I do not possess any good quality mount that is able to track it, had no choice but to develop the skill to manually follow ISS.
About 2 years ago I found this website and this amazing software. Sadly I the Skywatcher Allview mount I have is not supported at all. Actually Skywatcher as a brand is not supported at all only Meade and Celestron mounts are.
As far as I know Celestron and Skywatcher are owned by the same owner, although I'm not too technical I don't see why the big difference between support and not support one or the other.
I am also sure that this topic is on and off every now and then, and people want to know more about any support to skywatcher mounts.
I would beg for the developers of this amazing software to please please please make a support for at least alt-azimuth mounts or give a guidance how to use these mounts for the right purpose, which is tracking the International Space Station.
I am nearly sure that they would be capable of doing the job.

I have tried my own experiments after googling the subject. It did not end well funnily, I attached a very weak phone power cable to the mount to the wrong port and it fried the motherboard which seems just weird. Weird because there is no instruction in the manual what not to do at all. Anyway I do not want to fry my motherboard again obviously, but in the same time I would like to achieve some kind of result with my existing mount. Sadly I don't have thousands of pounds to buy very very expensive mounts. Also I'm already doing a manual tracking and I achieved really good results so worst case scenario I'm going to stick with what I have already.

Could you please update me with the issue and possibly insuring me that there will be a version which might be compatible with skywatcher mounts? I already acknowledged that there must be a good reason why skywatcher is not supported at all or at least just the the most serious mounts like the eq6 etc.

Thanks very much!

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Re: Skywatcher Allview altaz mount support
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2018, 10:14:59 AM »
When you have questions like this you should become familiar with a document that captured all of the messages on the previous Yahoo Group Satellite Tracker. There are 8088 messages in the document called SatelliteTrackerMessage1thru8088.pdf located in the Archived Group Messages at Reply #3 under "Software Repository, Archived Messages, Pictures, and Software Utilities" section of this forum. This file contains all of the activity to include questions and answers similar to the question you have asked. In that document if you do a search for Skywatcher there are 37 hits. One of those hits is message #4732 which describes how you can get Satellite Tracker to work with Skywatcher mounts (although the Allview mount is not mentioned directly). What you would need to do is compare the message specification the Allview mount uses versus the message specification of the mounts mentioned in Reply #4732. At this point I do not know the direct answer since I would have to analyze the code and also get the Allview mount message specification. Right now I am tied up with another project and do not have the time to spend doing that. I do not have the Allview message specification available to me. If you do locate the Allview message specification I would appreciate if you would post it as a reply to your question for others to see and use. I hope this helps you get to use your mount with Satellite Tracker.
Regards, John Eccles, Owner of Satellite Tracker Application, the Satellite Tracker Forum, and the Yahoo Groups called Satellite Tracker