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The ISS will only appear in the listing if it is visible in your area.
John, thanks!
I read the document, and it calls for edit a file, and to be humble, my computer skills are very limited so I had to find and understand how to edit a file, then it was very simple and now downloads automatically with no problem. (I'm not justifying my self but trying to understand something where the skills are limited and also in a second language, is not simple!)

Regarding the object listing, when I display the listing I can not see ISS, will that be because is not in visible? and will only appear in the listing when visible, is that correct?

Thanks again
Best regards.

You have to take your time and read the "ReadmeWget.txt". It provides the instructions on how to retrieve the orbital elements. Just follow the step by step instructions.
I have seen the document and some things I can not understand!
Should I have to UnZip the file and execute?

When I try to download de TLE file and I do not get where to put username and password!  (Download TLE file picture)
Do not know what I'm doing wrong!

I will look in to it! thanks.
You should really use the mechanism included in the Satellite Tracker program to obtain the TLE data. Please read the file contained in your Satellite Tracker applications download called "ReadmeWget.txt". Once you follow those instructions you can then use the "Download TLE" button on the Satellite Tracker applications window to get the latest elements. If you are only working with the ISS I suggest that you select the "stations.txt" item in the popup window for the "Download TLE" button.
Hi to all!
Over the weekend I work in the software and have already connected my telescope to Satellite Track and it is working.
I had found an issue displaying the ISS, being my main objective at the moment.
I will describe the process to download the files and making it working.
The process is as follow:
•   In web I look for full-catalog and select three line option
•   Opens a new page and shows the TLE content
•   I do “save as” the TLE content and select C: SatTrak/Full-Catalog as a destination (so Full-Catalog is updated)
•   Then I go to “Satellite Tracker” and open TLE so it updates the objects as you can see in the following screen!
picture "uno"


As you can see I had defined my location properly and set up with Celestron CGE as you recommended.
There are some issues:
•   I think that the process for update is not very efficient, I do have to do file by file and can not see the ISS file itself in Space Track, as I said I do Full Catalog.
•   The other is that when I look in to the list of objects I can not find ISS to display the Data. ( as you can see in the following screen)
picture "dos"

Any suggestion and/or recommendation is appreciated. (Keep in mind that I am writing in a second language and I might not be totally 100% understood and/or Understand!),as well as I'm limited in may computer skils.

PD after I wired the telescope to my computer and selected an object like SkyMex being a stationary and select START tracking I do have response in the telescope, at the moment I do not know if it goes correctly or not, but that will be my next step.  Also for some reason I can not attach pictures.

John I do appreciate your support and thankyou to share Satellite Tracker  to us.
My best regards
Mount Discussions / USB GPS unit
« Last post by Niels Foldager on April 20, 2017, 04:08:01 PM »
Can someone recommend a good USB GPS unit (dongle, puck or the like)
and software to read and adjust the system clock?

(Win7 and Win10)

Best regards,

Mount Discussions / Re: TRACKING - Precision Correction: Celestron Nexstar SE
« Last post by John Eccles on April 18, 2017, 08:00:29 PM »
There is no ASCOM Interface with Satellite Tracker software.

Not all telescopes are capable of doing what you suggest, hence, why it does what it does, simply because of possible damage to the telescope if there would be interference in doing what you suggest.

For the time being, I don't think it would be a wise move to include an option one could select in Satellite Tracker to do what you suggest since this option could possibly be selected by accident and then would result in damage to the telescope should interference occur.
Mount Discussions / TRACKING - Precision Correction: Celestron Nexstar SE
« Last post by Marcel Kukuricas on April 18, 2017, 12:58:35 PM »
It is one thing to improve tracking near zenith.

My azimuthal mount is correct as follows: if the ISS in elevation, for example, is 80 °, then it is trying to rotate almost 180 ° from the west direction to east direction. It would be simple if the telescope simply turned in the elevation "down the head". Of course, it is important to set the eyepiece ready for observation before and after elevation.

Did you try to set anything, for example, in Satellite Tracker? Or do you know if anything could be activated / set in ASCOM settings?
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